All Bark - And Plenty To Bite: The Seattle Barkery Provides Food Truck Service For Dogs

Meet Buster.

Owned by Ben and Dawn Ford, Buster is a food truck located in the Pacific Northwest, and he's been feeding various clientele in Seattle since the '70s, according to the business' website.

Buster, professionally known as The Seattle Barkery, is not your typical food truck. "With three gears and a top speed of 55 mph," the bright turquoise truck travels around Seattle, boasting a unique menu — one that caters primarily to dogs.

The business, according to Bizjournals, started when Dawn, a former dog-walker who often baked treats for her puppy-charges, realized that the dogs sometimes abandoned the regular food provided by their humans, choosing to indulge in her home-baked goods instead.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Dawn and her husband bought Buster on Craigslist, and thus The Seattle Bakery was born.

So what’s on the menu? While The Seattle Barkery offers a limited menu for humans, the real treats are going to the dogs. As Metro reports, they’ve got bacon pupcakes, peanut butter banana biscuits (if you’ve ever put a dollop of peanut butter on your dog’s nose, you’ll understand the appeal behind this one), beefy carrot bagels, ice cream sundaes in edible bowls, and even birthday dogcakes.

While the business lists its address as 1111 Treat Street on Facebook, in reality, Seattleites can expect to find the truck at local farmers markets and dog parks, or check The Seattle Barkery's Facebook page, where they often update where they’ll be stationed for the day.

Finally, the Pacific Northwest canine gourmands have something to bark about.