All We Want For Christmas Is An Oreo Milkshake Kit (Photos)

Oreo is making major moves for us this holiday season. The black-and-white cookie is a wild card among the other cookie varieties, especially when you consider its checkered past (i.e., Lemon Ice Oreo, Reduced Fat Oreo, Candy Corn Oreo, Swedish Fish Oreo).

And this year is no different, only this time the creme-filled sandwich cookie company is giving us the "wonderfilled" Christmas we didn't know we needed: the Oreo Milkshake Gift Set.

The gift sets were spotted by an Instagram user who found the kit between Walmart aisles. The user pointed out the gift sets do not include ice cream, milk or a blender; Oreo expects us to meet them halfway. (Luckily, all three can be found at a Walmart as well.)

Gift-giving is an implied selfless gesture, but Oreo's milkshake gift sets come with two ceramic cups and two straws; unless the person you're giving this to is taken, there's a 50-50 chance you're invited to a black-and-white event. It's also perfect for couples! ("Oreo milkshake for two, please!") Also included are four Oreo cookies and an ice cream scoop festively decorated in white-and-blue designs and Oreo logos everywhere.

In case you forget how the Oreo Milkshake recipe goes, it's written right there on the ceramic cups: 2 Oreo cookies, vanilla ice cream, ½ cup milk. Blend.

Just as we understand eating just one Oreo is never enough, Oreo also plans on releasing more holiday treats this Christmas. Delish reported the same Instagram user who spotted the gift sets also discovered Oreo Cookies & Creme candy canes, back in June.

The packaging comes in "Oreo blue" and is decorated with white snowflakes with tiny Oreo cookie centers. Consider these black-and-white candy canes as the candy of choice for any Ebenezers you encounter; they'll be sure to thank you later ("Bah Humbug!")

But as of now, Oreo's parent company Nabisco has not confirmed the release of this new (better) candy cane treat. But until then, Oreo milkshake kits for everyone! If you've got a few people who would add this to their wish lists, you're already halfway done with Christmas shopping!