Alton Brown Is Finally Giving Us A Coffee Shop!

Alton Brown has hinted on Twitter that he wants to open a coffee shop in his hometown of Marietta, Georgia, which really has everyone buzzing.

Eater Atlanta reports that when they reached out for a comment, Brown confirmed but only in a vague manner. "It is my intention to open a coffee shop in Marietta, Ga., though I’m not at a point where I can release any details,” he told them via email. “I can tell you this -- no, no, I’ve said too much already.”

He's leaving us all on the edge of our seats here! We do have access to our fair share of Alton Brown's recipes through his "EveryDayCook" cookbook, which means most of us (the fans, at least) know what his style and capabilities are. Brown told AJC that his cookbook is different from his normal recipe style, because it covers only what he likes to eat when he's hungry. It's a simpler, more everyday version of good eats. That's the type of stuff you'd see in a cafe, right? I'm just trying to get ahead of the curve in figuring out what to expect.

The Marietta Daily Journal has its own thoughts on the idea, and asks a very relevant question: "Would a celebrity coffee shop in Marietta work?" Good point. The Journal reports that the town's local shops were worried about their business waning when a Starbucks moved in. How do they feel about a celebrity setting up shop?

The mayor has an optimistic outlook, however, mentioning that the Starbucks didn't hurt the business of their local "Cool Beans" at all, because it reaches an entirely different audience. He says he thinks Brown would have something new to offer customers, something with a twist.

When Councilman Philip Goldstein was also asked, he agreed that another coffee shop could work in Marietta. Well, there we have it, I guess! Alton Brown may be opening a coffee shop in his hometown, and we're expecting it to have a twist to set it apart from the others. Perhaps being owned by a celebrity offers that twist already?