Amazon Partners With Tyson Foods To Create Recipe Delivery Service

Amazon is preparing to launch its own recipe delivery service, for those of us who wish to spend yet more money with the nation's largest Internet-based retailer.

Donald Smith, president and CEO of Tyson Foods, confirmed that the company is partnering with Amazon Fresh on a "chef-inspired, meal kits service."

"We're expanding our relationship with Amazon Fresh to sell fresh protein as well as partner with them around innovation,” Smith explained at a conference, as noted by Business Insider. "We plan to launch Tyson Tastemakers, a line of chef-inspired meal kits in premium proteins for home delivery with Amazon Fresh this fall."

This incentive would be a way for Amazon to tap into the ever-increasing recipe-delivery market and acquire a larger share of the food and grocery market. Similar to Blue Apron and HelloFresh, which are worth $2 billion and $2.9 billion, respectively, this partnership would provide customers with a ready-to-cook ingredients delivery service.

"We'll empower that at-home chef by answering three questions that they have around knowledge, preparation, and exploration," Smith added, according to Food Business News. "We'll teach them about the cuts of meat and where they come from. We'll help pre-cut, trim, dry age, smoke, marinate, and do the prep so all they have to do is cook it. And then we'll inspire them to explore and cook with ingredients that they may have never used before."

As I imagine various promotions will be offered to Amazon Prime members, this certainly has the potential to revolutionize the one-stop Internet shopping experience.