Amazon's Alexa Can Help Curb Your Food Waste (Video)

Amazon's Alexa is not just your personal assistant, she's now your food expert.

Ad Council and the National Resources Defense Council have joined forces to educate and fight against food waste. The Save The Food campaign video (below) shows how practical Alexa can be around the kitchen. The video starts with a couple casually hanging out in the kitchen, where her significant other looks on in confusion at an asparagus-filled vase.

"Why on Earth would you fill a vase with asparagus?" I wondered aloud.

As if she broke the fourth wall, the woman replies, "Hey Alexa, ask Save The Food how to store asparagus."

Alexa, the cube-shaped know-it-all quickly answers, "To last as long as possible, asparagus is best stored in a vase with water in the fridge, like flowers."

Ad Council and National Resources Defense Council are the geniuses behind Alexa's new "Skill" (the appropriately named apps that run on Amazon Echo). With a quick download, you can ask Alexa anything about expiration dates, storing and shelf life of most produce. The creators of the Save the Food campaign developed Alexa's new skill in response to a growing epidemic of food waste. And not just expired or rotten food -- perfectly edible produce.

Last year, it was estimated that Americans throw away half of the food they buy each year, amounting to an alarming $1,500 annually for the average American family. That's one half of the nation's food down the garbage shoot.

But with this new skill, Alexa will educate millions of American families on the proper way to store produce for optimal freshness and longevity. The Save The Food Campaign hopes to reduce this epidemic and save American families some money in the process.

So if you've got apples sitting in the fridge, for perhaps a bit too long for comfort, ask Alexa what she thinks about it. Or that overripe avocado, once a fresh green, now a soiled brown ... go ask Alexa! So far, Amazon customers are loving it, saying that they are "pleasantly surprised" at how helpful she is.