And Just Like That, Chipotle Settles All The E. Coli Sickness Claims Out Of Court

As we all know, Chipotle has been under deep food-safety scrutiny after some 500 people grew sick from eating there.  There have even been stores that have had to close due to the illnesses.

Many people grew afraid to eat at Chipotle because they worried they’d get sick. According to USA Today, the first outbreak sickened 50 people in 11 states, forcing the chain to shut down several of its restaurants. A second outbreak hit in December and affected five people in three states, and one location was even linked to a norovirus outbreak in the Boston region.

Of course, Chipotle responded as it should have: by revamping food safety rules and guidelines to see that this type of thing didn’t happen again. I even remember a short period of time when it closed all stores in order to do an overhaul and start fresh. However, the lawsuits hadn’t disappeared.

The Centers for Disease Control has ended its investigation, as Chipotle appears to have fixed the problems that led to these outbreaks. Now Chipotle is doing its part to make things right for those who got sick.

Fortune reports that Chipotle has worked with Bill Marler, a lawyer for Marler Clark, who specializes in food-safety cases, to settle 100 cases brought to them by sick customers. Details of the settlements have not been disclosed, but Marler said “The way that Chipotle has been handling the legitimate claims has been textbook appropriate,” and that “they’ve taken responsibility.”

As beloved by the public as Chipotle is, we knew they’d come through. Sure, it was a terrible incident, but I remember most people refusing to give up still. Chipotle fans are truly loyal.

Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold, when asked about the claims, said that the restaurant “does right by our customers and simply wanted to make things right for people who were affected by any of those incidents.” Kudos to you, Chipotle, for owning up to your mistakes and making things right. I think I’ll go have a burrito.