Apparently Your Morning Coffee Needs 'Third Wave Water'

If you're a coffee lover, you probably know how specific things need to be in order to brew the perfect cup. The quality of your Arabica beans, the size of the grind for a shot of espresso verses a French Press brew … But how often do you consider the quality of your water?

According to Gear Patrol, water makes up more than 98% of your cup of coffee. That means the quality of that water has to play in to the quality of your cup, right? The people at Third Wave Water seem to think so. This company is creating soluble capsules to drop into the water that you'll use for your brew in order to make a more consistent and delicious cup of coffee.

Third Wave Water reports that using your regular old tap water can be inconsistent, since you don't always know what's in it or where it's coming from. That can be a little disturbing if you actually think about it. However, these capsules of theirs work to re-mineralize the water to blend in "the perfect amount of calcium, magnesium and sodium." The point is that whether you're brewing a cup at home, or brewing it on the road, you can use a Third Wave Water capsule to make it taste the same.

The company was founded by Taylor Minor and Charles Nick, both of whom already ran coffee shops of their own. The two came up with this idea of selling capsules while discussing the possibility of mailing bottled brewing water. Now, they're working to create a "dehydrated" version in which all the end user has to do is stir.

“I actually have this elaborate set-up where I half-soften the water, I then have an r.o. where I blend back in, and then I have two 20-gallon storage tanks, and then another carbon filter to take off the flavor,” Minor told Daily Coffee News. That sounds like it just might be crazy enough to work.

You can find samples to purchase on the company's website already, and the kickstarter campaign is set to launch a little later in January 2017. See what you think!