Apple Invented A Way To Keep Pizza From Getting Soggy (Photos)

There's no denying that the people at Apple are geniuses. They come up with innovative and trendy gadgets that basically run the world, and now they're making sure their pizza stays crisp. Pizza is trendy and runs the world somewhat, right? At least, it is important to most of us.

According to Wired, Apple has built Apple Park, a new campus in Cupertino, California. The building was completed in April, but Steve Jobs started the building plans years ago. The campus is circular, and looks very futuristic with an environment that blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors. Glass canopies are on every floor, and the building itself is cooled not by air conditioning, but by flaps and an opening mechanism that creates natural ventilation.

When it came to discussing food, Jobs expressed a desire for just one restaurant in this giant building. He wanted people to have to come in contact with each other regularly. Not only is this good for staying social, but geniuses can bounce ideas off of each other and come up with really cool stuff. That's where the pizza container comes in. When workers wish to carry their pizzas back to their "pods," or desks, offices, cubicles, whatever you want to call it … they don't want to eat soggy pizza. Who does?

Check out the solution to this (potentially common) issue: the patented pizza container created by Apple.

Grub Street reports that the pod has a "moisture channeling feature" that serves to prevent sogginess in pizza crust. There are little ventilation holes throughout that keep the pizza nice and crispy by letting air and moisture escape, rather than keeping it inside and letting things get gross.

Now that they have this new pizza box, in what ways will they use it? Sure, it's made for a specific purpose -- employees of Apple need access to yummy food while they're working in their pods. But, the box is patented and we all want to experience this new power. Will Apple make these containers available to the rest of us? Maybe if we ask nicely enough …