Are You Brave Enough To Try This Ketchup And Mayo-Flavored Ice Cream?

Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to what they like dipping their French fries in, from ketchup to mayo to even milkshakes.

But what about all of the above?

Walk into Freezer Burn PH, an ice cream and dessert shop in Taguig, Phillipines, and you'll have the perfect chance to expand your horizons when you order Ketchup and Mayo ice cream, served with crispy salt and pepper fries. Seriously.

Sounds crazy, right? You know what's even more unexpected? People love it. The Inquirer stopped by Freezer Burn and tasted all eight flavors in the shop, and guess what? They said that the ketchup and mayo was far and away their favorite flavor, believe it or not.

"[It] really tastes like ketchup and mayo ice cream -- and no, it isn’t gross at all," the Philippines-based publication said. "…We loved it so much though we normally don’t even dip our fries in ketchup. But who can blame us? It's sweet, it's salty, it's creamy. We can't wait to eat it again."

Honestly, they make it sound pretty tasty. Since it's crafted by award-winning chef Miko Aspiras and his creative partner, Kristine Lotilla, we're inclined to trust them.

"We make everything from scratch," Aspiras told the Inquirer. "I'm really proud of that. They're all really special. The flavors are heightened. We're starting with eight of our favorites but we will introduce the rest of those flavors eventually. Every month we'll have something new."

When the Inquirer walked through the faux-freezer door into the shop, the flavors offered were Chocolate, paired with freshly cooked churros; Corn and Cheese, paired with a toasted honeycake and corn nuts; Maple Bacon, paired with brioche toast and popcorn; and Butter, paired with sticky date pudding. On the sweeter side, the flavors included were Browned Butter Pecan, paired with a crunchy peanut butter waffle and banana; Best Mint Stracciatella, paired with a 5 Bite Brownie; Cookies and Junk Food, paired with Nutella donuts and caramel sauce; and, of course, Ketchup and Mayo.

And they all look super delicious, especially when paired with Aspiras' choice of complementary hot desserts.

"From the start, my goal has always been to keep introducing new desserts to the Filipino market," Aspiras said.

And it looks like he's doing a great job at it.