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Are You Freaky Enough To Try These 9 Loaded Milkshakes? (Photos)

Are you feeling a little wild?

Do you think you could smash one of these giant milkshakes topped with actual cake slices?

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Would you dare to finish this shake with milky Oreo and Belgian chocolate ice cream bars blended right in?

How about this gold Nutella shake?

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I double dare you to polish off this chocolate shake topped with donuts and Smarties!

How about this Nutella and Oreo monstrosity with double ice cream, Persian fairy floss, dark chocolate sauce and M&M's?

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Are you more in the mood for some bright colors? Would you give these Fruity Pebbles, Rice Krispies Treats, cotton candy and fruit roll-ups shakes a second look?

Can't decide whether you want pastries or ice cream? This scrumptious baked, blended freak of nature will solve that dilemma for good:

Then you have this one, piled high with cotton candy and other goodies!

Clearly, every milkshake should have giant cookies packed on top. Are you bold enough to scarf one of these down?

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Give them all a try! I believe in you!

Image result for milkshake gif pulp fiction