Are You Ready For This? It's An Ice Cream Topped With Mini Ice Cream Cones

Some foods are best in moderation.

When it comes to ice cream, however, we are firm believers in the fact that more is always better.

That’s why we’re so excited about the newest ice cream craze, started by Jersey Jack Gelato in Como, Australia. Called the Little Mostro, the ice cream extravaganza consists of a gargantuan chocolate-dipped ice cream cone filled three scoops of gelato and topped with two mini ice cream cones.

Even better? Even the mini ice cream cones are filled with even more ice cream and sauces of your choice!

As you might imagine, the Little Mostro is already taking the Instagram world by storm. It’s over the top, gorgeous, and decadent beyond belief—combining all of the necessary components for an image that will have your followers drooling with envy.

We suggest that you check out the amazing images below, and then head to your nearest ice cream shop. While they may not offer anything as amazing as the Little Mostro, there’s nothing like ice cream on a hot summer afternoon!

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The Little Mostro from @jerseyjackgelato.australia in Como ???? It was amazing!

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