Artisanal Weed-Infused Chocolate Is Now A Thing

This fall, as several states prepare to vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana, consumers will have an artisanal new way to consume THC.

According to Tasting Table, Oakland-based Défoncé Chocolatier is introducing a line of high-end, weed-infused chocolate bars. The desserts combine expertly crafted chocolate with high-quality cannabis and gourmet flavorings to create a unique snacking experience.

The product’s introduction comes at a time when recreational marijuana consumers are turning increasingly toward edibles and away from traditional smoking. Unfortunately, however, edibles can also be difficult to consume safely, varying in THC concentration and type.

That’s where Défoncé chocolate comes into the picture—not only are the company’s products high quality, but the brand also carefully measures and labels the amount of cannabis in each square of chocolate. According to the brand, their mission is to take the “anxiety” out of consuming edibles.

In a press release, Eric Eslao, Défoncé Chocolatier’s founder, stated, “Both chocolate making and cannabis growing attract thoughtful, passionate artisans, people who dedicate their lives to perfecting their crafts. ... These new products, the result of intense and wide-ranging culinary research and development in our kitchen, set a new standard for cannabis-infused chocolate.”

Défoncé Chocolatier currently offers vanilla, milk, coffee, mint, matcha, dark, dark+, and hazelnut-flavored chocolate bars. Every bar is divided into 18 different portions, each of which contains 10 milligrams of THC.

The artisanal edibles are currently available at licensed California dispensaries to individuals with a medical marijuana prescription. Potential consumers should keep an eye on California’s November election, however, as the legalization of recreational marijuana would greatly increase the availability of the chocolate bars.