Autistic Boy's Mom Caught Off Guard By What TGI Fridays Employee Wrote On Receipt (Photo)

Jen Goodhand-Wyatt, 37, took her autistic son, Oscar, to a TGI Fridays restaurant in Coventry, England, after a visit to a cardiologist.

She explained to staff that her son had autism, and after Oscar picked a Star Wars-themed table, Jen joked to staff that he was a “Star Wars-loving superhero,” the Mirror reported.

A waitress came to the table and said to Oscar: “I understand you're a superhero. Here's your menu.” But Oscar was upset because his cardiologist had told him he couldn’t do karate due to the condition of his heart, Jen wrote in her Facebook post. Oscar felt like he couldn’t be a superhero.

After dinner arrived, another waiter came over and gave Oscar two balloon figurines. The waiter later offered to pay for some dessert for Oscar, which he happily accepted.

“When he served it I asked why,” Jen wrote. “‘Because he's a superhero!’ was his reply.”

The staff took the dessert's cost off the bill, labeling it a "superhero" discount.

"Thanks to TGI, and the response it has had, he's gone away to school feeling like a real superhero," Jen told the Mirror. "It just goes to show that anyone can be anything they want, and the kindness of others goes a long way."

TGI Fridays has since offered Jen some coupons, but she requested the company instead donate to the Heart Link Children's Charity, which supported Oscar when he was born.