Baker Attempts A Dinosaur Birthday Cake, Fails (Photos)

U.K. mother, Alice Hatcher, 27, was thrown into a last-minute, "dino disaster" when she received a hand-delivered birthday cake with an un-striking resemblance to Mr. Dinosaur from hit children's cartoon "Peppa Pig."

Alice contacted a presumed professional cake maker through Facebook for a birthday celebration for her two-year-old son, Ralph. The cake, which was intended to look like the photo below, was a far cry from Alice's initial request.

The baker agreed to make the cake without a problem and the order went through, reported Daily Mail. But on the morning of her son's birthday party, Alice was caught by surprise when the cake arrived. "She stood with the cake on the door step, it wasn't even in a box but I didn't know what to say, my jaw just dropped," Alice told Daily Mail.

Too polite to say anything, Alice took the cake off the baker's hands and went inside to show her partner, Darren, the attempt at a dinosaur cake.

Broken cocktail sticks were used to keep the marshmallow spines in place and Skittles, a serious choking hazard for toddlers, had been used as decoration as well. Alice reached out to the baker on Facebook afterwards to explain how unhappy she was with the $17 cake, however she did not receive a response.

Forced to run out to a local supermarket, Alice bought a second cake ("Paw Patrol" themed) for about twice the price of the original cake she had ordered, to continue Ralph's party as planned.

Alice noted that she probably could have done a better job herself making the cake, one that did not embed choking hazards and broken cocktail sticks, inappropriate for a two-year-old child.

In the end, Alice had an overall good nature about the cake fail; Ralph still had a wonderful party. As for the baker, Alice figured she was too embarrassed to reply to her message.

A baker's cake flop may seem humiliating at worst, but at best, it's a surprisingly common occurrence met with a good laugh and a good face palm, like this cake disaster pictured below.

"My friend in China ordered a cake for his son. He texted the bakery the message to appear on the cake 'Happy 9th birthday.' This is what he received."

Talk about lost in translation.