Bar Owners Face Backlash After Publicly Shaming Bad Tippers Via Facebook

Put your money where your mouth is, or "please go somewhere else."

The owners of a bar called the Cherry Street Pub in Lancaster, Ohio are fielding numerous negative reviews after they took to their Facebook page to shame poor tippers publicly.

Proprietors Billy and Lorena Smith opened the Cherry Street Pub around a year and a half ago, according to WCMH. However, despite the restaurant’s success, the Smiths report a noticeable dip in gratuity left from some of the pub’s customers. Many of these guests allegedly praised the service, and then proceeded to leave less than 10% gratuity.

"If you are not prepared to give a 15 to 20% tip for good service, then please go somewhere else," reads the bar’s Facebook post.

The original letter was posted to Facebook on May 2, and has received more than 660 shares and 900 responses as of Wednesday, May 4. While some social media users have commented to defend and applaud the Smiths for sticking up for their employees (“At least one business says what the rest should . Thank you !” wrote Anthony Mckenzie), others were upset by the post.

“The employment of your bar staff is your responsibility,” writes Adnaan Chaudhary. “If you don't pay them enough then it's clearly your fault. Tipping is optional. It's not mandatory.”

According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, minimum wage in Ohio for tipped employees is $4.05 per hour. However, employers electing to use the tip credit provision are required to present proof that their employees receive at least the state minimum wage of $8.10 per hour after tips are calculated.

Numerous people chastised the Smiths on the initial Facebook post for underpaying their employees. Cherry Street Pub conceded that “it might be nice to just do away with tipping and build it into the price.” 

However, following the large volume of backlash, the owners once again took to Facebook on May 3 to remind the public that they did not create the system of pay for servers in Ohio, and that their primary interest was only to stand up for their staff.

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