Barilla Pasta Is Getting Sued For Underfilling Its Pasta Boxes

Earlier this year we learned that Starbucks was being sued for allegedly under-filling its coffee cups, which is understandable -- there is no length people will not go to to receive their due dosage of caffeine.

Now Barilla, the world’s leading pasta company (which was last blasted for suggesting that gay people should “eat pasta from another manufacturer”) finds itself in more hot water. Why? Because according to some of its under-carbed consumers, the Barilla corporation is using “deceptive packaging” and tricking its customers into believing they are paying for up to 25 percent more pasta than they actually receive.

According to the four New York pasta fans who filed the class-action suit in Brooklyn, Barilla is allegedly putting their specialty pastas -- the whole grain, gluten-free and extra protein ones -- into the same-sized blue boxes they use for their normal offerings. The problem is that the specialty pastas actually come with significantly fewer noodles than their regular counterparts.

While the new reduced net weight of the pastas are indicated on the box, Plaintiffs Alessandro Berni, Domenico Salvata, Mossimo Simioli and Giuseppe Santochirico claim that they were “overcharged” and suffered “out-of-pocket loss” after buying various under-filled Barilla pasta boxes.

According to the plaintiffs, they received 9.4-percent less in the Protein Plus pasta, 17.4-percent less in their whole-grain pasta, and a whopping 25 percent less in their gluten-free pasta.

“Barilla relies on consumers’ familiarity with the box size and appearance, known due to decades of marketing, to mislead consumers into thinking they are purchasing the same quantity of pasta when, in reality, the company is filling the boxes with materially less pasta,” the lawsuit says, per the New York Post.

“Barilla’s deceptive practice . . . is known as ‘slack-fill,’ ” the suit states. “By misleading consumers in this manner, Barilla is able to capitalize on the market . . . while preserving and/or increasing its margins.”

If the plaintiffs are correct, Barilla is engaging in “slack-fill,” which means that the company is knowingly misrepresenting the product and misleading its customers in order to make profit monetarily.

Just fill your pasta boxes, Barilla. Please.