Barnes And Noble Is Getting Boozy

Have you ever wanted an excuse to spend the day at a bookstore? Have you ever dreamed of going to a bookstore on a date? Do you wish you could justify making the trip to a bookstore instead of ordering what you need on Amazon?

Barnes and Noble is trying to make a comeback with "concept stores," which feature restaurants that serve alcohol.

“We wanted to create a better bookstore,” Jaime Carey, who was recently promoted to president of development and the restaurant group, said to Fortune. “We already have a cafe, so we said let’s have a much better food experience frankly.”

Four of these “concept stores” will be open throughout the nation, “complete with a new restaurant featuring an expanded menu along with a beer and wine offering,” according to a press release.

As Barnes and Noble's biggest competitor is Amazon, the national retail bookseller is looking for additional incentives to entice customers to make the trek to their stores. The company’s sales fell 0.8 percent last quarter, and its Nook e-readers and e-book business are also struggling to keep a substantial share of the market, according to the Palm Beach Post.

“We think they’re going to drive traffic to the store and keeping them in the store longer,” Carey explained.

The first concept store will open in Eastchester, New York, this October. Other stores will follow at the Edina Galleria in Edina, Minnesota, at the Palladio in Folsom, California, and another at One Loudon in Loudon, Virginia.

Although Barnes and Noble reported a decrease in sales in its fourth quarter report, the company’s stock price managed to rebound after the announcement of its new concept stores and two executive appointments.

“Jaime’s promotion underscores the importance of having a leader devoted to our new store concepts with a focus on an enhanced restaurant experience,” said the company’s chief executive officer, Ron Boire, of Jaime Carey.

“Mike is an accomplished leader with a proven track record for driving results,” said Boire of Michael Ladd, who was named the new Vice President of Stores. “We think he is the perfect addition to our management team given his broad range of retail capabilities.”

In 2014, Starbucks initiated a similar concept, according to The Huffington Post. Select locations offered occasional "Starbucks Evenings," which featured wine, beer, and appetizers for its customers.