Be Warned! Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Coming!

Every year, coffee lovers everywhere look forward to fall for the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's one of their famous signature drinks, and last year it was brought back a little early for those fans special enough to know a secret password. This year, however, Starbucks is going to have some pumpkin spice competition.

Despite the fact that it's still summer, McDonald's is re-introducing its own pumpkin spice latte after three years of not carrying it. According to Popsugar, McDonald's version of the latte is scheduled to hit restaurants everywhere starting as early as August 31. Looks like Starbucks better step up its game.

As if this early debut wasn't competition enough, the McDonald's pumpkin spice latte will most likely be cheaper, as it was three years ago. Popsugar reports that many who tried the McDonald's version of the drink the first time around felt that it was a bit too sweet.

The Starbucks drink is known for being sweet as well, but apparently not as sweet as the McDonald's version. If McDonald's has addressed this issue, Starbucks might have a problem. This is supposed to be Starbucks' signature drink, after all!

Is McDonald's getting a little too ahead of itself, though? Eater reports that many consumers feel they'd really only need one of those sweet pumpkin spice lattes to quench their craving for the rest of the season.

If coffee and lattes aren't your thing, but you love the pumpkin flavor, you might like to know that McDonald's isn't the only food provider who is taking advantage of this seasonal trend. According to Eater, you can enjoy this flavor in Cheerios and Thomas' English muffins and bagels as soon as September. If you're looking forward to fall as much as the rest of us, keep your eyes peeled for these upcoming additions.