Sweet Treat For 4/20 (Photos)||chillaco_ccbbbchocther||triplecaramel-phish-chillaco||chillaco_ccbbbmilkncookies||Ben & Jerry's Is Offering A Sweet Treat For 4/20 (Photos)

Ben & Jerry's Is Offering A Sweet Treat For 4/20 (Photos)

It's that time of year again, people!

No, I'm not just talking about springtime, although that is also here and very exciting if you're anything like me and desperately in need of some sunshine and flowers.

I'm talking about 4/20.

If you celebrate the holiday, then you're going to be extra pumped about this special Ben & Jerry's limited time offer that's coming to Scoop Shops on that day. But even if you have no idea what the significance is behind April 20, you still probably want to get your hands on one of these treats.

After all, who wants to pass up an opportunity to taste a new Ben & Jerry's concoction?

The limited edition item is called a Chill-Aco, and the company describes it as a crunchy and crispy waffle cone shaped into a taco, which is then surrounded by a soft waffle cone wrap and stuffed with a nice and warm layer of gooey, sweet caramel in-between. Then, you just stuff that bad boy up with your favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors, and enjoy it anywhere.

"It’s a taco…it’s a burrito…it’s a waffle cone…it’s ice cream, cookie crumbles, caramel, and fudge drizzles -- and it can be in your hands starting 4-20!" the chain promotes.

Ben & Jerry's officially recommends these flavor combos:

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Chocolate Fudge Brownie:

The Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz & Chocolate Therapy:

The Phish Food & Triple Caramel Chunk:

My personal favorite, the Sweet Cream & Cookies & Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz:

And finally the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Tonight Dough:

Which combo are you dying to try for the holiday?