Ben & Jerry's Launches New Cereal-Inspired Ice Cream (Photos)

Not many things bring us right back to our childhood as well as the taste of cereal does.

There's just something about a spoonful of sugary, comforting cereal doused in a cool and refreshing splash of milk that transports us to a simpler time; a more magical and pure time, when the weight of adulthood did not even register and all we had to worry about was when our next snack was coming.

Luckily for us all, Ben & Jerry's knows how to combine the magic of childhood with the indulgences of adulthood, because the company has just released three new flavors sure to kick all of our sweet teeth and nostalgia into overdrive.

The ice cream giants have decided to call the three new cereal-milk flavored ice creams "Cereal Splashbacks," and they are available in scoop shops beginning on March 7, 2017, which the company reports is actually National Cereal Day (naturally).

The first of the three new flavors is called Fruit Loot, which is a cereal milk ice cream that comes with a crisp and fruity cereal swirl inside. Foodbeast did a taste test of the ice cream, and said that the flavor was appropriately light and distinctly like Fruit Loops.

Next up comes the Frozen Flakes flavor, which comes with a crisp cereal swirl and honestly looks like our dream come true, considering that Frosted Flakes was my very favorite cereal growing up!

Finally comes the Cocoa Loco flavor, which is the only chocolate cereal milk ice cream base, and it comes complete with a crisp chocolate cereal swirl. Do you remember going "cuckoo" for the original cereal? We're sure fans will also go cuckoo for the ice cream.

Are you excited to get your hands on these super nostalgic and tasty new flavors?