Beyond Zero: Alcohol Ice Cubes Do More Than Chill Your Drink

A machine that turns liquor into ice may revolutionize the bar industry, at least for those that have $7,999 to spare.

Jason Sherman, who refers to himself as "[a] master of thermodynamics with no formal training," invented Beyond Zero, which makes, stores, and serves ice made out of liquor.

The machine began as a liquid-nitrogen ice-cream machine. After playing around with various liquids, he released the device's potential once he filled it with Patron.

“I didn’t like tequila, but I could do this,” he explained to New York Magazine. “That’s when it hit me: We should replace ice.”

As the ice is chilled well below 32 degrees, the temperature at which water freezes, these ice cubes do more than just chill your drink.

"It really smooths a drink out," Sherman explained of the effect the ice has on high-proof alcohol. "It removes the ethanol heat."

Furthermore, the subzero temperature "frosts the glass and smokes for a spectacular presentation," as stated on Beyond Zero's official website. The alcohol ice cubes also control the tendency for drinks to dilute over time, which means your drink will be stronger and taste the way the bartender intended.

How does it feel to eat a piece of this ice, you might wonder? A bit uncomfortable, but not unbearable.

"It’s similar to biting into a microwave pizza that’s a little too hot," Sherman explained.