Bill Murray Is Tending Bar In Brooklyn

Bill Murray’s son, Homer Murray, and his partner, Syd Silver, have decided to do a complete revamp of their restaurant, the River Styx in Brooklyn.

Above, you can see what the restaurant looks like under its current name, the River Styx, which sells sandwiches, pierogis and pizza. With the revamp will come a new name: 21 Greenpoint, and a new menu featuring fancier seasonal dishes.

Eater reports that Homer Murray wanted to make the change to a more upscale dining spot with seasonal food served exclusively from local farms. "We try to use seconds like tomatoes or carrots that farmers can't sell because they don't look as good but they still taste great and are high quality. Then we make them look pretty,” he said.

The new head chef is Sean Telo, who used to work at Extra Fancy. According to Tasting Table, he’ll be serving a white clam pie with guanciale, pecorino and oregano, steak tartare and an “ugly vegetable salad,” made with produce like that mentioned above.

While this is all very exciting news, it’s not what’s got 21 Greepoint switching opening night to invitation-only. Of course, his father, Bill Murray’s bartending is the cause of that.

Bill Murray will be working under beverage director Sean McClure to serve drinks to guests all night. Remember, though, Bill is not a bartender by trade, so Homer asks that people “have fun,” and “just be nice.”

"What my dad lacks in experience, he makes up for in tequila,'' Homer says.

It’s unfortunate that in order to dine at 21 Greenpoint with Bill Murray as your bartender, you have to be on the guest list, but it’s not surprising. Let’s face it, there wouldn’t be even close to enough room in one restaurant for everyone who’d like to get a drink from Bill to actually come.

All we can really hope is that he’ll fancy doing this bartending thing a few more times.