Blue Bell out-doughs itself with new ice cream, Cookie Dough Overload

Blue Bell out-doughs itself with new ice cream, Cookie Dough Overload

That is a great deal of batter! Blue Bell has joined not a couple, yet three treat mixture flavors to make its most up to date dessert, Cookie Dough Overload.

Treat Dough Overload is a delicious vanilla frozen yogurt with traces of dark colored sugar, stacked with chocolate chip treat mixture, nutty spread treat batter and fudge treat mixture pieces.

"Why pick just a couple of mixture pieces when you can have three," said Joe Robertson, official executive of promoting and advertising for Blue Bell. "Treat batter is a well known blend in for frozen yogurt. We have flavors that contain the chocolate chip treat batter and nutty spread treat mixture pieces. Be that as it may, this is the first with fudge treat mixture pieces. It is an incredible tasting trio!"

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Treat Dough Overload is accessible in the half gallon and half quart sizes temporarily.

"This is our first spic and span enhance for 2020," Robertson said. "We despite everything have more to come, alongside the arrival of other fan top choices."

Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream made an arrival to stores in February. The flavor is a delicious red velvet cake dessert with bits of red velvet cake and a cream cheddar icing twirl. Red Velvet Cake is sold in the half gallon and half quart sizes.

"Numerous individuals top a cut of cake with frozen yogurt," Robertson included. "Be that as it may, with a flavor like Red Velvet Cake you have the best of the two universes in a single container."

Source: Blue Bell