Blue Prosecco Is A Thing, But What Makes It Prosecco? (Photo)

This strange new blue prosecco might start a new blue wine craze, but it's not exactly prosecco. It's more like a mixture of a few drinks, but the mixture does include prosecco.

The bright blue wine is called Blumond, and according to Huffington Post, it consists of a mixture of prosecco, blue curacao and peach juice. Think of it more as a wine cocktail that features prosecco. Italian wine lovers apparently aren't loving the new concoction, because of the color, of course, and also because the alcohol by volume is only 7 percent.

The Daily Mail reports that many of these critics feel that the "wine" can't be called wine, since the alcohol level is below the 10 percent mark, which is how much it takes to be considered wine by Italian law. The wine is currently available in China and the U.S. (selling for $21.95 per bottle), and those at the Tuscan firm Fratelli Saraceni want to bring it to Sicily in May. I have a feeling it won't go over well in its native country, but with our brightly colored food item fad in full swing currently, I'd say it will take off here in the U.S.

The aim is to make it over to Rome and Milan, cities that are open to these types of fun, trendy new flavors and foods. The U.S. has already had this wine for a little while, as has Australia, but the fun, colorful food (aka "unicorn") trend is much newer, so the sales numbers for Blumond will probably rise a bit. It also takes a time for word to spread about a new product, so many of us still haven't had a chance to try it.

The wine is being marketed as a special occasion wine for weddings and special events. It's reportedly a good idea for a before-meal treat at a wedding, so keep this fun blue drink in mind if you have something special coming up! Personally, I don't need a special occasion to try blue wine.