Blue Wine Is Finally Coming To America! (Photos)

To some, blue wine is a wildly fun and brightly Instagrammable way to get your fix of novelty booze. To others, it is complete blasphemy. But love it or hate it, the much-awaited new way to drink your grape juice is coming to the U.S. Finally.

The booze, which comes from Spanish company Gik, will be arriving in Miami, Boston and Texas stores as early as September, after a technical hiccup kept them from delivering more than 30,000 bottles that people pre-ordered online after the product became wildly popular in summer 2016, reports Eater.

According to Gik's website, the wine is 11.5 percent alcohol, and they decided to make it blue to make it more accessible and to represent a calm ocean.

The blue stuff, developed by six 20-somethings who were looking for a less-stuffy way to bring wine to the masses, comes from both red and white wine mixed with indigo dye and anthocyanin -- a blue pigment in grape skin. It is primarily a sweet white wine, but due to a Spanish law that bars red and white-mixed wine to be sold locally, they were fined more than $3500 and forced to label the beverage as containing only 99 percent wine -- and they couldn't sell it as wine either.

"Luckily, in the U.S., legislation embraces new and innovative products and is not as restrictive and anchored in the past as in Spain," said co-founder Aritz Lopez, according to Eater. "So we are confident [we can expand] quite fast."

That's pretty lucky if you live outside of the limited retail spots!

Gik is looking to bring their blue wine to New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Washington, California and Nevada next, though each state has a different process.