Bacon Tongue Sticking Out||Bacon Tongue Sticking Out

Boo! Japan Releases Halloween Burger With Bacon Tongue Sticking Out

Plenty of vegans and vegetarians alike refuse to eat meat because they don't like the idea that their meal once had a heartbeat. But whether you're a meat eater or not, do you want to eat a meal that mocks you as you tuck in?

Japan’s Lottery has created a new sandwich that actually looks like it’s sticking its tongue out at you -- its bacon tongue, that is.

According to Rocket News 24, the burger is the centerpiece of this year’s Halloween menu and is officially called the Purple Magic Bacon Double Excellent Cheeseburger.

Say that nine times fast.

For $8, customers in Japan will be able to purchase the waggling-bacon-tongue sandwich with fries, starting Oct. 6.

Just in case you didn’t get that this entire thing is a promotion for the Halloween season, Lottery is packaging the burger in a box shaped like a coffin, which comes decorated with a spooky font and vampire teeth.

As for the sandwich itself? It’s just your typical bun holding multiple layers of meat and cheese, an oversize sheet of bacon, and then a mysterious glob of pink goo that is purported to be a cheese sauce made with purple-potato powder.

Dig in, folks!