Booze Your Way To A Better Bod With Alcoholic Seltzer, Your New Favorite Drink

Fitness boozers, your world is about to be turned upside-down: There's a new alcoholic beverage on the market, and it's here to help you maintain your abs while still enjoying the sloppy effects of booze.

Welcome to the team, flavored alcoholic seltzer. We’re glad to have you.

According to Bloomberg, this new boozy innovation is the product of fitness culture’s recent rise; while food businesses have upped their game to cater to more health-driven clientele, so far alcoholic companies have steered clear of the craze.

Spiked Seltzer is hoping to bridge that gap, selling fizzy, alcohol-infused drinks that can boast about half the calories of standard cocktails, and better-for-you ingredients such as cane sugar and “natural” flavoring agents.

“People are concerned about gluten, they’re concerned about sugar,” says CrossFitter Casey O’Neill, who concocted the fizzy libation that inspired the Truly Spiked & Sparkling line, according to Bloomberg.

Now, MillerCoors is slated to release two healthy-sounding alcoholic drinks: Easy Tea, which the company describes as a “refined, brisk and less sweet iced tea,” and Zumbida Mango, a fermented, fruity drink which sounds perfect for the Kombucha-chuggers among us.

Meanwhile, Smirnoff is gearing up to push its own Spiked Sparkling Seltzer, in addition to a new hard soda brand.

“The idea of what [people] are putting into their bodies is more prominent in consumers’ minds today,” said James Thompson, Diageo North America’s chief marketing and innovation officer. “It’s natural that spirits will follow.”

A Harris Poll commissioned by Boston Beer demonstrated that companies targeting consumers on the hunt for healthier drinks are on the right track: Forty-seven percent of Americans of legal drinking age believe that there aren’t enough low-calorie alcoholic beverage options.

“Alcohol isn’t good for you unless it’s in moderation,” Dave Holmes, co-founder of Boathouse Beverage, concluded to Bloomberg. “The desire is to have something that’s both transparent and healthier.”

Let’s face it: Nobody really wants to be swilling Coors Light as their main option -- perhaps this new craze will result in some tasty options you can enjoy (without having to worry about the bloat later).