Boozy Ornaments Are All We Want For Christmas (Photo)

Deck the halls with baubles of whiskey (or vodka, or gin).

Holidays can be a stressful time of year -- last minute department store trips, inclement weather, family feuds; it was just a matter of time before someone stepped in with a solution that brings the family together around the Christmas tree for boozy merriment!

Booze-filled ornaments are the pride and joy of The Lakes Distillery located in the U.K. Each bauble comes filled with The Lakes finest whiskey, vodka or gin, and doubles as a clever way to spread holiday spirit. Decorating the Christmas tree will be way more fun with top-shelf booze baubles. (O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches …)

Each ornament set comes in a stately package of six, with three different varieties of liqueur, a gift that doubles as a nightcap for each day leading up to Christmas day. It's totally worth splurging on all three gift sets.

The Lakes Gin Christmas set includes The Lakes classic gin, Gin Sloe, and Gin Damson liqueur. Gin Sloe has notes of raspberry jam with cinnamon and orange citrus, while Gin Damson's flavor is full of cherry, ripe plum and juniper berries.

The Vodka set is more of the coffee and sweet variety. Espresso vodka has notes of roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate, and Salted Caramel vodka tastes a bit like white chocolate and fire-roasted marshmallows.

The Lakes Whiskey set is by far the most in tune with the spirit of Christmas -- rich with notes of honey-roasted nuts, dried fruits and a distinctly wood smoke aroma.

The Gin and Vodka sets feature The Lakes newest products from the distillery, a particularly clever gift for a cognoscente.

According to their official website, the baubles will be coming to a Christmas tree near you in retail outlets across the U.K. and available for purchase on the site. Individual baubles are sold at $24, while whole sets cost $41 each. For now, they are only available for pickup, but the company is said to ship products soon.