Breakfast is Here: New Hostess Cream Cheese Coffee Cakes

Breakfast is Here: New Hostess Cream Cheese Coffee Cakes

Move over, Little Debbie—there’s a new cake in town. Mornings just got better with new Cream Cheese Coffee Cakes from Hostess! This cake’s sweetened with cream cheese goodness right in its batter.

Hostess’ Cream Cheese Coffee Cake extends their line of breakfast offerings, which includes their popular Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake. Unlike its sweet sister, the Cinnamon Streusel cake has a cinnamon crumble topping that just won’t quit. Both pair well with a nice cup of coffee (and can also be enjoyed as a sneaky, last-minute dessert). Like most Hostess snacks, these coffee cake squares come wrapped with two cakes per sleeve.

So you can have one for yourself—and then save the other for later. (Who says you have to share?) Packaging comes in one single-serve pack (two cakes), an 8-count multipack, and a 16-count jumbo pack for those of you in need of a solid sugar stash. Hostess first announced their new breakfast offering in September 2019, according to Baking Business. And as cited by Food Business News, their breakfast baked goods seem to be boosting profits overall.

Can you really resist their Donettes, cinnamon rolls, or mini muffins? Yeah, we can’t either. The cream cheese flavoring seems to step-up their baked goods into a sounds-homemade territory. Other new Hostess snacks that also fall under this category: Triple Chocolate Brownies and Iced Lemon Cupcakes. Yum! Instagrammer @limited_edition_mission spotted the cream cheese coffee cakes at Walmart.

But they’re available at most grocery stores and supermarkets. You can locate treats closest to you by using Hostess’ nifty “Where to Buy” store feature.