Bridal Party Walked Down The Aisle With Doughnut Bouquets (Photos)

When the misses greets wedding guests, tends to catering mishaps, and heaven forbid, dress blunders, there just isn't any time for the bride to enjoy her big day and just eat.

But hats off to this Sydney bride, who Cosmopolitan called "the doughnut queen," for this clever wedding hack: a two-in-one solution to "hanger" and otherwise expensive flower bouquets that end up tossed in a sea of pleading fingertips of hopeful single ladies.

Paige Kirk, 23, surprised her bridesmaids with a bouquet of doughnuts and pastries that were decorated with ivory toppings to match the bride's dress. "Everyone thought it was hilarious, and the venue couldn't believe it," she said to BBC.

The couple wanted to ditch the traditional flowers for something different and light-hearted to reflect who they were as a couple. "Brides should be a bit more relaxed and have fun!" Paige suggested. (Bridezillas, take note!)

I'm sure throwing a bouquet of doughnuts raises the stakes for the bouquet toss, given the obvious incentive (saving the perfectly good doughnuts from the floor). Can you imagine what that would look like? The bouquets seemed like the high note to the wedding, but Paige said no one ended up eating the doughnuts (if that's even possible).

The doughnut bouquets were a courtesy of Dessert Boxes; their claim-to-fame is literally a dessert box full of candy and bouquets of blossoming doughnuts in every size, color and flavor imaginable.

Until now, its biggest customer base were people who liked to send their "thank-yous" and "happy birthdays" in the form of sugar crashes, food binges and cavities. The company's Instagram tag: "WAGING A WAR ON BORING GIFTS." (Add to that, boring bridal accessories.)

Paige has the right idea about this whole wedding debacle; orchids are beautiful and rare, and so are a handful of roses and hydrangeas. But doughnuts are a sweet indulgence that we allow ourselves during the best of times (birthday parties, office promotions, baby showers). So why not a wedding?

There is definitely a place for doughnuts where the wedding bells ring and the words "I do" echo a happily ever after.