Brilliant Restaurant Color Codes Brownies Based On Where They Were Baked

We live in a diverse world full of differing preferences, and shockingly for those of us with a sweet tooth, this can even span to desserts.

Some people prefer pie; some cookies; others feel satisfied after a simple piece of fruit. But while I have grudgingly come to accept that some people just don’t like dessert, what I do still believe in is this: When it comes to eating cake or brownies, everybody has a slice preference.

The most common example of this phenomenon at play is at a child’s birthday party; the kid who’s aging always gets to choose their slice first, and they always choose a corner piece. Why? Because of the frosting.

But the art of choosing your brownie piece is more refined, more delicate. And that is why the folks selling brownies over at Philly Style Steaks & Subs have gone viral for their innovative brownie-coding system.

On August 1, Reddit user longboard116 posted a photo that made it to the website’s front page, spurring various commenters to exalt the Philly Style Steaks crew for its ingenious marketing.

“My faith in American innovation has been restored,” exclaimed one commenter, while plenty of others proceeded to pledge and defend their particular brownie allegiances.

I’d go for a green dot myself, personally, but brownie-hierarchies aside, I think we can all agree upon the beauty that is the Philly Style Steaks & Subs sorting system.