Brilliant Woman Turns Her Fridge Into A Wine Dispenser

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling so inspired and ready to set myself a list of goals and resolutions for the new year, seeing as December is almost over.

Honestly, now that Metro has made me aware of Clare, a beauty marketing and blogging genius from Manchester, England, I recognize that it was all for naught. This woman is seriously life goals, people -- we should all aspire to just be her next year.

You know those fancy refrigerators that dispense water for you? Well, Clare owns one of those bad boys … and she also came up with perhaps the most innovative and rewarding hack for it of all time.

That's right, everybody: she thought to fill up the water tray with a bottle of boozy white wine, and when she put her glass up to the spout, it dispensed cool, refreshing wine for her.

It may not be hydrating, but it sure is neat!

I don't even own a fridge that performs this function, but I'm already racking my brain trying to recall all of my contacts who do, so that I can suggest how they could serve refreshments at their next holiday party.

Believe me, I'm not alone in my awe of Clare. She posted her hack on Dec. 11, and now, two days later, she has already received more than 180,000 likes for her tweet.

"You should have got Time Person of The Year with this idea," said one Twitter user.

"This is the best idea I've ever seen," congratulated another.

Are you going to copy Clare this holiday season?