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Budweiser Is Making More Non-Alcoholic Beer (Photos)

Budweiser has dedicated a good amount of resources to try and make their non-alcoholic beer more of a thing and will be expanding their booze-free formula by early 2018.

Budweiser Prohibition Brew, which comes in black and white vintage-inspired cans, is brewed exactly the same as their regular stuff -- with identical filtered water, hops and yeast -- but the alcohol is removed right at the end, according to Delish.

While lots of so-called low- and no-alcohol beers typically have between 0.5 percent and 3.0 percent alcohol, Bud's version might appeal to those who want to kill a craving or feel included in the party without having a drop of booze, as Prohibition Brew contains exactly zero percent alcohol, according to Business Insider.

"Our goals are to empower consumers with choice and change social norms, and this beer will achieve both," Kyle Norrington, the vice president of marketing at Labatt, the Canadian brewing company owned by Anheuser-Busch, said in a statement announcing the Canadian release of the near beer in May 2016, notes Business Insider.

And since the company saw an opening to capitalize on the ever-growing overseas popularity of booze-free beer, they will soon be distributing the beverage in the U.K., notes Delish.

Unfortunately for American non-drinkers, Bud doesn't have any immediate plans to release it in the U.S., since alcohol-free beer is not showing the same growth over here.

A reviewer from Premium Near Beer tasted the brew upon its Canadian debut and reported that it has a higher calorie count than comparable lagers, was "average for the category" and tasted "far too sweet" for him, a fan of craft ales and European lagers, though maybe those who don't much like beer will be more receptive to it. 

"If someone offered me one at a party I would happily accept it and that may be the true value of this non-alcoholic beer -- accessibility and awareness -- because more and more people are drinking and enjoying near beer every day," he added.