Buffalo Wild Wings Goes For The Gold With 'Bling Wings' (Photos)

The must-see February 9 opening ceremony, which featured an epic drone light show, fireworks, and elegant on-the-ground elements like choreography, set the tone for the highly anticipated Winter Olympic events. With all the coverage and promos centered around it, it's hard not to get into the Olympic spirit. Across the U.S., restaurants -- big and small -- are serving up special menus and dishes that will surely speak to the Olympian inside you.

While the country is tuned in to the 2018 Winter Olympics, fast-food marketers are working in haste behind-the-scenes to promote special themed beverages and food to capture that sweet marketing gold.

Buffalo Wild Wings is the latest restaurant to go for the gold by unveiling its limited-time-only "B-Dubs" wings, which so happen to be smothered in edible gold sprinkles.

Throughout the month of February, customers can order the chain's boneless or traditional wings with a tasteless sugar topping sprinkled atop to get you in the winning mood. All you have to do is ask your waitress or waiter, "Can I have some bling on my wings?" This one-of-a-kind gold topping is available for dine-in only and while supplies last.

Wings purists will say it could change the taste, but Buffalo Wild Wings has reassured that it will not. It's certainly worth a try, and who knows, you might find gold sprinkles tastes a lot like wings and winning.

If you can't make it to Pyeongchang but are still seeking a way to celebrate the international games, other restaurant chains are honoring the 2018 Winter Olympics with blinged-out products, including Hershey's, who debuted a caramelized creme bar with peanuts and pretzels called Hershey's Gold. In this case, the gold tastes kind of creamy, kind of buttery, and salty and sweet at the same time.

It seems like everyone is rushing to get a taste of the gold and now it's easier and tastier than ever!