Burger King Adds Ring-Shaped Chicken To Its New Menu

Once upon a time, when fast-food diners had a craving for mysteriously shaped pieces of chicken, they ordered their preferred chain's chicken nuggets and were satisfied.

Then one day in 2014, Burger King upped the nugget-ante by introducing chicken fries to the market. While some people were initially skeptical, the innovation quickly took off, with people like Scott Disick taking to the internet to brag about purchasing $200 worth of the (then limited) chicken fries.

Now, starting May 2, the burger giant will begin selling their chicken fries in yet another new form — this time, they are presenting them to the public in the shape of rings.

While this newest twist on the highly popular chicken fries might seem gratuitous coming from a restaurant whose namesake deals in burgers, NBC reports that Restaurant Brands International (the owner of Burger King) is choosing to focus on the burger mogul's chicken products because it saw its profit soar last October, largely thanks to the success of its chicken fries.

Currently, the fries come in three limited-time flavors: Fiery Chicken Fries (August 2015), Buffalo Chicken Fries (October 2015) and Jalapeno Chicken Fries. 

"Even though the name on our door says [Burger King], more and more of our guests are coming in for chicken," says Alex Macedo, president of Burger King North America, as reported by NBC.

According to Consumerist, diners will be able to pick up six pieces of the new chicken rings for approximately $2.89; but just in case that extra dollar is too much of a splurge, Burger King is also said to be reviving its 10 nuggets for $1.49 deal. 

In the end, who are we to judge Burger King for trying to capitalize on two proven-successful endeavors? Consumers are already familiar with both the shape of onion rings, and the singular taste of all-white meat chicken coated in crispy breading and then deep fried. Perhaps Burger King is just giving us what Beyonce had actually meant to say:

If you like it then you shoulda made a ring out of it.