Burger King Gets 'Napoleon Dynamite' To Hawk Tater Tots (Video)

Remember Burger King's cheesy tater tots? It's okay if you don't … since they're back!

If you didn’t get a chance to try them before, now’s your chance. You don't need me to tell you to try them, since, as Eater reports, Burger King got Napoleon Dynamite to do that for all of us. Actually, he doesn't quite tell us how good they are, as much as he just reacts after taking a bite, dang-it. See his reaction for yourself in the video below.

According to Brand Eating, the tots come as a side dish consisting of eight pieces. They are your traditional round tots of diced potatoes, but with American cheese melted into them. Honestly, do we even need anyone telling us that bite-sized fried pieces of cheesy potato are delicious?

I'm glad, at least, that it was Mr. Napoleon Dynamite himself. There's really no one better to market tots. If you'll recall, in the original scene from the 2004 movie, Napoleon takes a handful of his best friend Pedro's tots and keeps them in his pocket to munch on during class. I'm sure that would have come next had the ad been just a bit longer. Pedro is so generous to allow those cheesy tots to make their way off his tray … and out of his hand. What a good best friend!

Burger King is known for trying some different, kind of wacky things … like the Whopper burrito, or the Cheeto's Chicken Fries. Remember the time they even changed their chicken nuggets to resemble those of McDonald's? They've been changed back, by the way.

Clearly, it's the cheesy tots that have been successful -- since they are coming back. A Whopper made into a burrito was never really that appealing to me. The cheesy tots originally debuted in 2013. I wonder if they'd have stuck around the first time had Burger King thought to invite Napoleon and Pedro to help advertise them. Time will tell, anyway.

Head to your local Burger King to try some. They start at $1.99 for an order of eight.