Burger King shows off Moldy Whopper in Preservative-Free Ad Campaign

Burger King shows off Moldy Whopper in Preservative-Free Ad Campaign

Take notes as the fast food chain shows how to promote burgers

Restaurant Brands International's (NYSE:QSR) Burger King is certainly not holding back in its attempt to show us all how fresh its signature Whopper is. And if you can believe it, to prove the freshness they have chosen to show that it can rot. On Wednesday, an ad was released by the company that tracked the lifetime of a burger. This ad showed the time-lapsed aging of a preservative-free Whopper over 34 days.


Wondering what is it that the restaurant chain actually trying to achieve with the ad campaign? Well the ad campaign underscores their noble attempt, if you will, at removing flavors, colors and artificial preservatives from their food. The preservative-free Whopper is already available at 400 domestic locations. It is scheduled to be served across all U.S Burger King locations by this year's end, according to The New York Post.


What makes BK's ad team think that mold is fresh

Going preservative-free is all the rage currently in the fast-food and snack market as the companies are trying lure in the health-conscious crowd towards their products. Following this trend, preservative-free Whopper happens to be the latest in the line. The advertisement served two purposes, first being that it attracted the spotlight due to the press-generating shock value of promoting food using mold. Secondly, the ad probably took a shot at some of those popular photos showing that food from McDonald's and many other restaurants don't age a lot over time.

The get healthy wagon doesn't stop here as Burger King is also testing the market with the meatless variations of some of its popular menu items. One of them being the Impossible Whopper that has a plant-based meat substitute from Impossible Foods. As the consumer mindset is increasingly showing an attraction for healthier food choices, it is highly probable that the chain and other companies in the restaurant industry will be inclined towards launching healthier food options.

Photo Source: Burger King