Burger King Trolls McDonald's In Whopper Promo (Video)

Trick-or-treaters aren't the only ones having fun this Halloween. Burger King throws a few tricks and jabs at its competitor, McDonald's, in their latest Whopper promotion (video below). Their rivalry is as thrilling as ringside seats.

The commercial combines elements from the Netflix series "Stranger Things" (boy riding bike, synthwave soundtrack) and the Stephen King film "It" (lots of creepy clowns). A teenage boy rides off into Halloween night and inexplicably finds his midnight ride flanked by clowns (one of whom closely resembles Ronald McDonald). The boy pedals toward the local Burger King for refuge, but is greeted by a sinister Ronald who tells him: "I want my Whopper." The promotion's closing tagline, "Come as a clown, eat like a king" goes straight for the jugular. Guerilla marketing at its finest.

Burger King released the promotion to announce the chain's #ScaryClownNight, which begins Oct. 31 from 7 p.m. to close. The first 500 guests to arrive dressed as a clown get a free Whopper.

Burger King's commercial, which already reached #25 on YouTube's Top Trending, is the equivalent to egging and pumpkin-smashing Ronald McDonald's doorstep. And this isn't the first time the fast-food chain started a fight with the competition. Before #ScaryClownNight, Burger King Russia surprised moviegoers with an unexpected ending to the movie "It": a giant Burger King ad that read, "Never trust a clown."

Burger King 2, McDonald's 0.

Free Whoppers will be available only at five participating locations -- in Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City:

• 259 Cochituate Rd., Framingham, Mass.
• 1101 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Fla.
• 545 N Victory Blvd., Burbank, Calif.
• 3001 Montopolis Drive, Austin, Texas
• 3975 W 4700 S, Salt Lake City, Utah

The "Stranger Things"-inspired promo comes just in time for the Netflix series second season, which will air Oct. 27. So if you are in need of Halloweekend plans (that exclude handing out candy to sticky-handed trick-or-treaters): dress up as a clown, bike to your nearest Burger King for a free Whopper, join the circus parade, then binge the new "Stranger Things" season.