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Burger King's Chicken Parm Sandwich: Snooki Loves It! (Video)

Burger King's Chicken Parmesan Sandwich has finally gone nationwide, and who better to promote the Italian-American fare than America's sweethearts, the folks from "Jersey Shore"?

BK has offered the coveted sandwich for years, but it's only been around for limited-time, limited-edition stints, until now, notes Brand Eating.

Wedged between two slices of a toasted potato bun on the big name menu item are a breaded and fried white meat chicken patty, melted mozzarella cheese, shaved parmesan and a slathering of marinara sauce, and it will be sold for around $5, depending on your location.

"We know our guests love bold Italian flavors," Alex Macedo, Burger King's North America president, said in a statement, according to The Street. "Now guests can enjoy a tasty chicken sandwich with the great flavor and juiciness of our Crispy Chicken Sandwich paired with classic ingredients, including shaved parmesan, melted mozzarella and rich marinara sauce."

Speaking of bold Italian, Burger King enlisted the cast of "Jersey Shore" to film an ad for the sandwiches (video below). In the nearly six-minute commercial, Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the gang get together at a BK and enjoy a good ol' family meal while catching up on their lives. From new families to new jobs to new cosmetic surgeries, as you'd expect, they spill the beans on all of it, while munching on the sandwich.

"We are totally desperate to hang out more that's for sure," Snooki tweeted after the ad's release, teasing at more reunions. "But there's more than just a bk commercial."

But more important, how does the sandwich actually taste? Is it worth venturing away from the value menu?

According to a review from The Street, the sandwich was filling and "not bad" but was a little low on sauce, making it a bit dry. There also wasn't much parmesan, but the sandwich was still plenty salty.

"The saltiness of the chicken was a delicious contrast to the sweet marinara sauce and burger bun," reads The Street's review. "The cheese also added a creaminess to the rough texture, as well."

So maybe if you order it, get some extra sauce.