Burger King's New Cheeto-Coated Chicken Fries Are Coming Soon (Video)

At this stage of my life, I feel there are few things of which I can be certain.

One: If I don’t pay my utility bills in time, my electricity will shut off; two: I feel better when I call my grandparents at least once a week; and lastly, number three: I can count on Burger King to churn out some new culinary monstrosity on a semi-occasional basis (video below).

As it turns out, I’ve been proven right (so far) because Burger King has recently announced its latest absurd combination of foods for fans to try: Chicken Fries and Cheetos.

According to the company (and per Business Insider), "The chicken fries are cooked to crispy perfection so that they have a dangerously cheesy outside and made with juicy white-meat chicken inside."

The new menu item will be available starting Sept. 14 for a limited time, and is launching with a recommended price of $2.89 for a nine-piece order.

If you’re a fan of chicken or Cheetos, but weren’t into the whole mac-and-cheese-Cheetos chimera (earlier this year, the fast-food chain introduced a combination product of mozzarella sticks, macaroni and cheese, and Cheetos), then this is surely the Burger King hybrid product for you. I guess.

Check out the chain’s promotional announcement for the product below: