BYOT (Bring Your Own Toppings) At This Ice Cream Shop (Videos)

At this U.K. ice cream shop, you decide how far they'll go to give you the popular ice cream roll that's got people buzzing on social media.

At Pan N Ice, you can create just about any ice cream roll that your taste buds desire, even if that desire happens to be Oreos, bacon, or even Cheetos and Pizza Pringles! The possibilities are endless; any food topping, no matter how unusual, can be made into a tasty ice cream roll.

Rob Huysinga and Henry Milroy, founders of Pan N Ice, were traveling around Thailand together in the summer of 2015 when they came across a food vendor in Koh Phi Phi, creating these "ice cream pancakes." The two were amazed that handcrafted ice cream rolls hadn't hit the U.K. yet, so they set out to be full-time ice cream entrepreneurs.

The ice cream rolls are made in three easy steps. First, pick out your base (vanilla ice cream, even frozen yogurt), then pick your topping (or bring one), then choose your sauce. The ice cream is mixed, mashed, sliced and diced, cooling quickly on a cold metal plate, then finally scraped off, to create a delicious, customized ice cream roll, ready to be served in just 60 seconds.

There's a selection of traditional flavors like "Strawberry Cheesecake," along with super decadent choices like "Naughtily Nutty," made with peanut butter and Reese's, and "Kinky Kinder," a mouth-watering combination of Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno chocolates.

Pan N Ice's Instagram is blowing up, with over 150,000 followers and many, many customers bringing very, very weird toppings. Their Instagram is a goldmine of strange, delicious, gross ice cream combinations:

For an extra, extra sweet twist on ice cream rolls, go big: Nerds and Fun Dip-flavored ice cream, topped with gummy worms, powdered sugar, and the rest of the candy aisle:

Because adding bacon to anything is a good idea, why not try this maple bacon donut ice cream roll:

And for the ones that really want to see how far these guys will go with toppings, hand them a bag of Cheetos Puffs, and watch as they transform it into … whatever that is!