Cadbury Owes Guy A Thank You For The Oreo Creme Egg (Photos)

Have you heard of the new Oreo cookie-flavored Cadbury Creme Eggs?

These newly released little beauties, which have a chocolate shell and white chocolate/Oreo cookie center, look absolutely dreamy, don't they?

The delicious treats are a little controversial, though, as one man is saying that the idea is all his and he deserves a little credit.

It all started in January 2015, when 29-year-old Nick Allam tweeted a delicious-looking photo of a creation he made, featuring a broken-up Oreo cookie shoved inside of a Cadbury Creme Egg. He tweeted it right to Cadbury's Twitter account, telling the company to "make this."

"Wow, now that's something we haven't tried before!" Cadbury UK tweeted back on Jan. 28, 2015. "We'll be sure to put that to our product team, see what they say ;) "

That brings us to the present. Nearly two years later, Nick's idea hit stores in the U.K. and Canada.

"I was lying in bed on Thursday night looking at my phone and I noticed it come up on social media," he told Metro. "I thought 'hang on I've seen this before.' I re-tweeted [Cadbury] my original tweet which I sent in 2015, but so far I haven't heard anything back."

The follow-up tweet is short, simple and to the point:

Nick told Metro that he is "not annoyed" and is not looking to make any money off of the awesome idea.

"It is a bit like peanut butter and jelly, I came up with the combination but as I don't own the brands," he explained. "I can't see that I could profit from it, but it would be nice to get a thank you or a response from Cadbury."

A Cadbury spokeswoman reached out to Metro and told them that the product wasn't invented in the U.K., so it's unlikely that Nick's tweet had anything to do with it.

"We're lucky to have some really creative Cadbury fans and we love to see new, wacky ways to eat our products," she added, before promising to send the amateur inventor a selection of the company's Oreo hybrid products.

We'd be pretty happy to receive a bunch of Oreo Cadbury eggs, Nick. Just saying.