CakeBites Released Unofficial Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin Snack Cakes at Walmart

CakeBites Released Unofficial Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin Snack Cakes at Walmart

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Did you get sucked into the Tiger King craze this past spring? If so, here’s a snack you didn’t know you needed! Rainbow cookies brand CakeBites released Tiger King-esque cakes, Tiger Cakes and Kitten Cakes. According to YouTuber Tami Dunn, who reviewed these cakes on her channel, the cakes seemed to pop up at Walmart in the clearance section recently.

The cakes released under-the-radar, without CakeBites heavily promoting it (at least on social media). Perhaps because each cake character closely resembles the feuding, big-cat wranglers, Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin? They likely don’t want to get into any legal trouble.

Like all CakeBite flavors, the cakes have almond cake cookie layers, jam or cream, and are encased in chocolate. According to their site, the CakeBites brand, owned by parent company Cookies United, has been “baking up Italian Rainbow cookies” for over 50 years.


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Tiger Cakes has a crown-wearing tiger mascot named Ty, who sports shaggy locks and wears shades. This undeniably resembles Joe Exotic, the controversial, fame-crazed zoo operator and convicted felon at the center of Tiger King. He's the main protagonist (or antagonist?!) among the show's wild and bizarre cast of characters.

Ty plays the guitar on packaging as well, a nod to Joe Exotic’s singer/songwriting “career.” This cake has chocolate and vanilla layers (dyed orange), chocolate cream, and vanilla coating (also dyed orange), with chocolate “tiger stripes.” “I like the chocolate quite a bit,” Dunn said in her review. “I like these about as much as I like Hostess chocolate.” Kitty Cakes's mascot resembles cat sanctuary owner Carol Baskin, Joe Exotic’s nemesis. Meet Darlene, Carol’s free-flowing, cartoon cake doppelganger.

This kitty wears a flower in her hair and rides a bike on packaging. Two characteristics of Ms. Baskin. Kitty Cakes has multicolored layered cake (dyed blue, yellow, and purple), raspberry jelly, white chocolate coating, and white chocolate rainbow sprinkles.

“I really hoped to taste that raspberry,” Dunn said in her review. “Between these and a Little Debbie, I would rather have a Little Debbie.” Each pack has three mini cakes and each box has four packs. The box was $2.60 at Walmart, but Dunn shared how she “never saw these until today [July 7].

” So, we can’t promise that they are still on shelves at your local Walmart. Plus, according to their store finder, CakeBites stocks mainly on the East Coast. But let us know if you’re able to find them and if they’re worthy binging over—like a certain Netflix show these cakes may or may not be based on!