Cali Sober

Cali Sober

These Beverages might Be What Cali Sobers are looking for!

Numerous factors have led to a large group of Millenials deciding on quitting alcohol. With the advent of 2020, elective sobriety is a social movement that has gone in the fifth gear. One prime cause for this is that as people get older or get married, they have to look up to work and family-related responsibilities and so the alcohol does not serve them as it did in their younger years. But there are some holidays and events when, whether you are a Cali sober or not, you want to have a glass of wine or any beverage in your hand without feeling the buzz. So here is a quick list of some of the popular nonalcoholic or low alcohol beverages for all the old pals of alcohol:

El Guapo Bitters

El Guapo Bitters

  non-GMO, gluten free and vegetarian bitters having zero alcohol content. Priced at $19  


tost dry alcohol free and comes in multiple flavors such as white tea, white cranberry and white ginger. Priced at $99  

Hoplark Hop Tea

Hoplark Hop Tea Gluten free, alcohol free, beer tea priced at $35  

Proteau Non-Alcoholic Aperitif

Proteau Non-Alcoholic Aperitif high end, complex and culinary inspired, drawn upon natural fruit flavors like blackberry and fig. It’s priced at $70  

Lyre’s NonAlcoholic Spirits

Lyre’s NonAlcoholic Spirits mock liquors offering the closest impersonation of vermouth, gin, rum and bourbon. You can buy it at $44.99 So just pick the one you like and get ready to feel the taste but not the buzz.