Calling All Courageous Blonde (Ale) Drinkers: Lululemon Has Created The Beer For You

Have you ever played one of those word association games?

The rules are pretty simple: Somebody says one word, and the next person responds with the first word that pops into their head. In my family, it was our standby road-trip entertainment. My dad would say something like, “Bark!” My sister would reply, “Dog!” I would say, “Just peed in the backseat!” (thus losing the game, because I associated more than one word)

Some words just went together intuitively; others were more surprising. For instance, would you put “yoga” and “beer” together?

Maybe not -- but Lululemon would.

According to PSFK, the athleisure company Lululemon Athletica has partnered with Canada-based Stanley Park Brewing, and crafted a limited-edition lemon beer, which will be available at the annual SeaWheeze Half Marathon and Sunset Festival in Vancouver on August 13.

Officially called “Courageous Blonde,” the beer’s name (thankfully) does not refer to the type of clientele Lululemon promotes as favorable; instead, it refers to its flavor profile. Courageous Blonde is a 4.8% abv lemon-hopped ale, described by Rate Beer as an unfiltered, full-bodied Kölsch-style blonde ale.

Although Lululemon is primarily known for its yoga gear, PSFK states that this isn’t the company’s first specialty beer launch: In the past, it has promoted the Curiosity Lager and the Sunset Strawberry Wit.

As for Courageous Blonde’s reviews? Thus far, only one person has rated the beer online, and the results are less than satisfactory.

“Light, grainy, with a sweet lemony character,” writes the reviewer on Rate Beer. “A bit candyish, cloying. Last year’s lemon theme was executed with subtlety, this is over the top.”