Can You Down This Giant 2-Pound Taco? (Photo)

When I eat tacos, my stomach feels limitless, as if I could just shove taco after taco into my mouth for hours and still somehow have room for more. I'm sure you know the feeling!

But have you ever tried really pushing yourself to see exactly how much taco goodness your gullet can handle in one sitting?

More importantly, do you think you could scarf down a GIANT taco all by yourself?

Because if you do think so, all you need to do is head over to Margaritas, the East Coast Mexican restaurant chain, and get your very own Taco Gigante any time during the month of October.

Yes, that's right: The epic 2-pound, 12-inch taco is back with a vengeance to celebrate National Taco Day on Oct. 4. It's unclear what Margaritas' exact deal is going to be on the holiday, but last year's was pretty sweet: one free regular taco with every purchase of a Taco Gigante. AND a couple bucks from each Gigante purchase went to to charity, according to Boston Magazine.

According to the restaurant's website, the foot-long monster of a meal is filled with four different kinds of meat: seasoned chicken, ground beef, pork carnitas and bacon.

On top of that, you get your refried beans, cheese, Mexican rice and pickled jalapenos.

But that's not all! This baby has a truckload of sauce just to make sure the whole thing is as juicy and decadent as possible. Salsa fresca, queso drizzle, hacienda sauce, picante sauce and crema all finish the taco for the perfect harmonious overload in every oversized bite.

According to Delish, this whole thing costs just $13, which considering its size isn't that bad, especially since there is one key way to get one of these for free:

While the restaurant probably won't comp your meal if you complete the Taco Gigante Challenge and finish the whole thing by yourself in one sitting, you do get bragging rights, a photo on their Wall of Fame, probable heartburn and a coupon for a free Taco Gigante, which you can either use on your own to tackle the beast again or give it to your most talented friend.

Either way, eating a gargantuan taco is always time well spent.