Care To Try A Bag Of Sweet Potato SunChips?

Healthy snacking does not have to mean tasteless, boring munchies. Put down the rice crackers and kale chips: Frito-Lay has just rolled out new whole grain chips with no artificial flavors or preservatives. And it'll definitely make you reconsider how you snack this season.

SunChips and Smartfood brands are offering two unique fall flavors (and no, it's not pumpkin). SunChips Sweet Potato and Smartfood Delight Rosemary & Olive Oil popcorn will hit shelves for a limited time beginning Oct. 16 through mid-December, and it is a game changer!

Made with real sweet potato and 100 percent whole grains, SunChips are the exception to guilt-free snacking. Delicious, wavy squares of whole grains with a subtle sweetness of sweet potato is the perfect combination if you're craving something salty or sweet; it's the best of both worlds.

And now is the ideal time to taste all the flavors fall has to offer, so stock up on these sweet potato chips -- and for an extra kick, sprinkle some paprika into the bag, or a dash of cinnamon, and shake it up to give yourself the ultimate feel-good fall snack. Even though Garden Salsa SunChips and Original are (debatably) the SunChips flavors, Sweet Potato might take the cake for a little while.

Those who are looking for a smarter way to snack, Smartfood is an obvious choice. Rosemary & Olive Oil Smartfood Delight Popcorn is only 35 calories per cup, so indulge to your heart's delight.

The lower-calorie popcorn is high in fiber to help you stay full longer, plus Smartfood Delight popcorn is air-popped, so it's fluffy and fun to munch on by the handful. The new popcorn flavor offers a fresh olive oil taste and delightful aroma of rosemary for a unforgettably tasty snack.

Sweet potato and rosemary are the flavors that just might beat pumpkin spice.

Frito-Lay's new flavors will bring the warmth and flavors of fall and we are too excited to try these yummy, healthy snacks! You can find them at retailers nationwide through mid-December, so get them while they're still around!