Carnivore Diet

Carnivore Diet

Vegans, you may want to look away. With the uprising plant-based options, there is also a wave of carnivore-based eating firing up in the health and wellness community. With that said, a 30 day Carnivore Diet has taken over, and let us say, it is not for the faint of heart. Think of the Ketogenic Diet, but on steroids.

The 30 day Carnivore Diet consists of a zero-carb, high fat, meat-based (poultry, fish, eggs, meat, organs) diet. No, in case you are wondering, this won’t be paired with any vegetables; plants, carbs, nuts, legumes and fiber are completely excluded from this challenge. Meat, only meat, every meal for 30 days. Teas, coffee, and other drinks are not recommended for this diet. The Carnivore Diet emphasizes the importance of high water intake and bone broth to seek maximum benefits.

So what is the reasoning for this? It’s hard to wrap our mind around not eating fruits and vegetables for health benefits - it is completely against the wellness societal norm. Similar to Whole30, this is a form of the elimination diet. It is promoted to be helpful for weight loss, mood regulation, blood sugar regulation and overall inflammation. There are also bold statements that all necessary nutrients can be derived solely from meat.

A range of health-based health gurus have joined the challenge, ranging from former vegan Alyse Parker to the infamous Joe Rogan. Both documenting their carnivore journey online for their followers. At this point, you are likely to be either completely intrigued about starting this Carnivore Diet or your stomach is in knots. Either way, consult with your doctor first before starting any major diet changes. Remember, health is wealth.