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Catch All 7 Of These Stunning Pokemon-Inspired Cocktails

I want to be the very best / Like no one ever was / To catch them is my real test / To drink them is my cause…

Read on to find out how to Drink Them All:

1. Pokeball Jell-O Shots

Pokeball Jell-O Shots

More like "melted gummy candy shots," but that didn't have the same ring to it. Alcohol, I choose you! 

2. MarGOrita


Three different flavors of margarita slushies to represent the three different teams. Team Instinct's yellow should be the smallest layer on the bottom for obvious reasons, while Team Valor's red should reign supreme with a nice tasty layer on top. Naturally. (Cue hate mail from the three people on Team Instinct.)

3. Bulbasaur #1

Bulbasaur cocktail

This drink is stunning but actually super easy and delicious. All you need is Malibu rum (or something similar), melon liqueur and blue curacao. Garnish with edible flowers and mint.

4. Bulbasaur #2

Bulbasaur cocktail

A.k.a. Rosemary and Rhubarb, featuring apple vodka and rhubarb syrup, among other things.

5. The Exeggutor

The Exeggutor

(Also known as the Ginger Smash) Pineapple, ginger, rum, and a few other tasty things. If you want to be less subtle, garnish with a few extra pineapple leaves.

6. Vaporeon

Blue Hawaiian

This is just a Blue Hawaiian (cream of coconut, blue curacao, pineapple juice, light rum) garnished with a pineapple slice. If you want to go full Vaporeon, add an extra slice on the other side.

7. The Evee

alcoholic milkshake

Basically just another reason to drink a super-tasty alcoholic milkshake with ears on it. Feel free to add candy eyes if you have little chocolates or something else that would work.

Official disclaimer: Team Valor will rein supreme.