Celebrate National Drink Beer Day With 14 Refreshing Beer Gifs

Cheers! Sept. 28 is National Drink Beer Day!

We're pretty sure you don't need us to tell you how to celebrate this one...

All you have to do is grab some friends...

Or just yourself -- we won't judge.

And pop open or pour yourself a refreshing, ice-cold, frosty beer.

(Unless you are drinking something dark and barrel-aged, in which case you might want to drink it closer to cellar temperature -- but hey, you do you.)

While we're at it, if you aren't sure whether you should drink this:

Differently than this:

You might want to click here and quickly become an expert on beer temperatures. Just remember, you enjoy what you enjoy how you enjoy it, so you don't always have to let us beer snobs tell you what to do.

Because ultimately, beer is awesome and we're just happy that it exists.

So go out to the bar or open up your fridge and get yourself a nice cold (or cellar temp!) one.

Take a big sip.

And enjoy!

Happy National Drink Beer Day!